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Tips and tricks: Video Triggers

Updated: Jan 20, 2020

Workflows are great. They make it easy to add customers into your sales funnel, create a robo advisor or simply keep your CRM system up to date. But how do you get your video into a workflow?

Video Workflows

The entry trigger.

So how do you get your viewers to join your workflow? The first step in any workflow is to define an "Entry Trigger".

Most video hosting providers enables you to add "Email Collectors". This is a form that appears within the actual video. You can set it to appear anytime during the video and collect names, emails and sometimes other important fields. It's your entry trigger!


  • Enabling the Email collector means that your viewer drop-off rate will increase significantly. Many viewers prefer to remain anonymous! Always make this feature optional. Include the option to SKIP ->.

  • Don’t put the Email collector at the beginning of the video. Instead put it one third into the video or just before your punchline.

  • Inform people what the Email collector is for. Make your intentions clear.


Video workflows.

Speak to our team here at Iksplein, if you need help in setting up a video workflow. We can help you find the right video hosting solution so that you can connect your favourite app.

For any questions related to this article, just drop us an email.

Good luck!

Team Iksplein.


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