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Smart Videos - What are they?

Updated: Jan 20, 2020

We all know the benefit of personalised marketing. When you go to your local coffee shop it is a nice feeling to be greeted by name instead of having to spell it out to your barista. It is the same with online marketing.

This is why we use "dynamic tags" to personalise our emails and build dynamic landing pages when we communicate with prospects. But what about the video? How can this be personalised?


A smart or personalised video is a video in which some of the scenes and information are static (never change) and some are dynamic (sometimes change based on rules that you define).

Example: Barclay's personalised lending video


What data can be used?

Most data can be used in a personalised video. The sound, text, images and individual scenes will be updated for each individual viewer in (almost) realtime.

  • Personal information. (Name, company, address, location etc)

  • Customer behaviour (Past purchases, visitor frequency, location)

  • Product information (life cycle events, updates, new features)

When it comes to data, the only limit is your imagination.

When to use a personalised video?

Personalised videos are great for the following:

  • Email campaigns: Include a personalised video in your emails and your will achieve a higher click-to-open rate.

  • Product or customer on boarding: Welcome your customers onboard with a personalised message.

  • Ongoing communication: A personalised video is great for lifecycle events. Tell your customers about product updates, new features or events related to their account.

  • Special occasions: We all like a personalised birthday card or year in review.

  • Dynamic Video Ads: Did you know that you can personalise your video ads? You can now incorporate your Facebook data to include interests, preferences, and user behaviour directly in the video.

  • Product Renewals: Is it time for your client to renew their product? Why don't you remind them about their existing products and how they can re-new it.

Contact Us:

If you would like to learn more about making your video "smart"or personalised, just drop us an email. Our team can help you through the whole process from creating the video template, connecting your data to setting up your own personalised video machine


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